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Default Enum in Rails 6

rails-6 ruby-on-rails

Rails 6 provides a way to define default enum value. Let’s see how it works with an example. For this...

Ruby 2.7 adds Enumerable#tally


After introducing the Enumerable#tally method in Ruby 2.7-preview updates. #tally as the name suggests gives out the number of occurrences...

How to rename column name in Rails

rails-6 ruby-on-rails

Rails rename_column Rails provides a simple method rename_column which can be used in a migration. Example: Say you have a...

How to use Enum in Rails

rails-6 ruby-on-rails enum

Enum in Rails “Enum” for short for the word “Enumerator” is widely used in different programming languages to define different...

How to Add Rating and Feedback using Flutter

flutter dart flutter widgets tutorial

For Beginners out there Flutter is Free and Open Source project, and is developed and maintained by Google and is...

delete_by destroy_by rails 6

rails-6 ruby-on-rails

Rails 6 adds delete_by & destroy_by Rails 6 provide with some extra stuffs added to it lately which simplifies the...