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Last Updated: 24 April, 2020  

Goal and Motive?

All memes posted should have a single goal to Put smiles on faces.


There are 3 types of User on Desi Meme:
  1. Viewer
  2. Entertainer
  3. Memer


By default a new User is considered as a Viewer. User may be promoted to Entertainer or Memer based on user's activity, types of memes posted, how many Likes does it get e.t.c

Tip: To become an Entertainer start posting quality memes. 5-10 memes daily should help.



As you keep posting funny memes system automatically recognizes that based on your daily activity and the responses that you get on your posted memes on the platform. System may decide to upgrade or downgrade the user level based on activity.

Tip: To become a Pro Memer quality memes. Share and Invite people to like posts.



When you started to gain popularity on Desi Meme system will promote the user profile to Memer. Again, this is decided on different factors like how popular, active and funny memes you post on Desi Meme. Special access will be granted to those qualifying as Memer.

Tip: Keep up the quality of memes to stay as a Memer


Do we pay Memers?

Currently there is no such provision.


Do memes need to get approved by Moderators?

There are no moderators reviewing actively, but we monitor type of content posted by the user. Any post that does not met out usage terms and condition will be removed without prior notice and is non recoverable whatsoever.


Contact Us

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