What is Flutter?

Flutter - What is Flutter by Sapidlabs

Flutter is Free and Open Source project, and is developed and maintained by Google and is one of the reason why we loved Flutter. Flutter provides beautiful pre-build components which are called Widgets in flutter. Everything in flutter is a Widget!

Why use flutter?

We found various reason why one should be opting for flutter:

Faster development

Yes !! Flutter is fast. One of the reason we choose to try out is its simplicity and faster development cycles.

Flutter is Both for iOS and Android

With flutter, you can reduce the overall development time and obviously some money on two separate app developments.

Flutter is best for Startups

With so many startups eagerly waiting to rollout their product to the market. Flutter is an awesome choice for app development.

Flutter is built on Dart

Flutter is built on top of dart, which is another object oriented duck typed language, which is used to develop flutter on top of C/C++ engine running behind the overall architecture of flutter.

Announcement Everyone !! Our New Flutter list_group Package

We recently contributed to flutter’s community by creating a new flutter package called ListGroup which provides ListGroup in flutter. Check how it is helping flutter developers all across the globe.

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