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Rails 6 Adds negative scope for all enum values

Rails 6 provide with some extra stuffs added to it lately which simplifies the daily tasks. If you have used rails previously like we did very often, then you must be knowing that we quite often, stumbled upon a situation where we need Negative scope for a defined enum values.

Example: Say you have a Post model in your rails application, and you have serveral states of the Post example :draft, :published and :trashed. Now, you want to query all the posts that are not published or not in draft or not in trash state.

Easy ! Isn’t it ? Kids stuff !

  Post.where.not(state: :draft)
  Post.where.not(state: :published)
  Post.where.not(state: :trashed)

Imagine a situation where there are 10 different states for your any defined entity. You will definitely end up defining tens of different methods based your requirements. Isn’t it?

Here, Rails 6 comes to the rescue. Rails 6 ships with an predefined negative scopes, pre-fixed with not_{enum_name}. So, above snippet can be re-written as:

  Post.where.not(state: :draft) becomes Post.not_draft
  Post.where.not(state: :published) becomes Post.not_published
  Post.where.not(state: :trashed) becomes Post.not_trashed

Super easy and saves some time as well.

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